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History of the club

The club was established in 1984 after a meeting with the office bearers of Lodge Moorpark who had approached Stuart Boal, John Cowan and Ian Murchison to ask them if they would be interested in starting an Accordion and Fiddle Club. It was well known at the time that Stuart played the accordion and Ian and John were enthusiasts of Scottish music visiting clubs and going to Queen Margaret Drive to be part of Take The Floor recordings introduced by David Findlay at that time then latterly Robbie Shepherd. It was decided to have a trial night in April 1984 and Stuart McKeown's band was invited to play. It turned out to be a successful evening so it was decided to approach the other clubs within the area if they had any objections to another club being formed. There being no objections the second Tuesday of the month was picked, as it did not clash with the other club nights, starting in October 1984 A committee was formed after approaching other players. Archie Gardner Chairman(Accordion), Ian Murchison Secretary, John Cowan Treasurer, Stuart Boal(Accordion) Compe're, Gordon Greig(Drums), Angus McKinnon, Donald Currie and Danny Taggart. Membership to the A.A.F.C. was taken out for £15.The club was named( Moorpark Renfrew Accordion and Fiddle Club ) at that time but was changed to (Renfrew Accordion and Fiddle Club) at an A.G.M. on the 29th August 1993.